The Levi’s® New Balance 1300 sneaker will only be available at Levi’s® V&A Waterfront Store, Cape Town, in a limited quantity, from 9am Thursday 26th March. Pre-order is not available, and this product is not available on

Unless you’re buying raw denim, your jeans have likely undergone a finishing process. It’s the last but most crucial step in denim production, giving jeans a broken-in look and feel from day one. Unfortunately, finished denim uses a lot of water. We’re changing that.

Levi’s® jeans are made to last. For almost 150 years, we’ve designed durable clothes built to withstand daily wear. These days, when more than 85% of textiles end up in landfills, product longevity matters more than ever.

Cotton is in our jeans and our genes. We’ve been using it since the first pair of Levi’s® was crafted in 1873. Today, it makes up 90% of our raw materials, which means it has a huge impact on our environmental footprint.

Every drop counts, so we got serious about saving water. Our designers came up with a new, innovative ways to get the denim finishes you love, using a lot less water.